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About Our COCOA, FL DIGITAL Marketing Agency:

Welcome to Florida Digital Media, a digital marketing agency in Cocoa, FL. If you want to get more qualified leads and make more sales in your business by harnessing the power of the internet, you came to the right place. Digital marketing is all we do. We LOVE helping businesses of all kinds sell more products and services at our digital marketing agency in Cocoa, FL, through Google advertising and management, social media, SEO, marketing automation, new modern websites, marketing funnels and more.

Here’s how it works: 
1) Our digital marketing agency in Cocoa, FL works with you to come up with an online marketing strategy that will help grow your business.

2) We’ll implement everything (especially the technical aspects) so you don’t have to
3) You get tons more leads and make lots more sales, without having to do the technical work yourself.
Sound like a plan? Great! Let’s Talk.

Florida Digital Media began in 2015 with the intent to capitalize on the rapidly increasing demand for digital marketing services. Kerri is a serial entrepreneur and wanted to find a way to create a company that could create truly world-class digital marketing, scale it and bring it to bear for strategic benefit to all parties.

It seems everywhere we look, business owners are struggling to keep up with online marketing. They’re often the last to adapt to new technology” says Kerri Fox, CEO of Florida Digital Media.

As a result, many businesses get left behind. Some are even going out of business simply because they aren’t adapting to this new world of marketing. As the level of complexity required to succeed in digital marketing increased, the demand for the company’s products continued to increase.

One great example of how business owners aren’t taking advantage of online marketing is Google Business Profile ( formerly Google My Business) (GMB/GMP), the Google Profile listing that any brick-and-mortar business can have for free (typically represented by the “Maps Pack” that shows up under a Google Map in search results. By simply optimizing your GBP listing, getting some good reviews and reaching the top of the search results, it can have a MASSIVE effect on the number of new customers calling and/or coming into a business. Yet only around 35% of all business owners have even CLAIMED their GBP listing. “It’s crazy. It’s sad, and I am consistently amazed by the lack of attention to this powerful tool.” says Kerri.

That’s why Kerri set out to build a powerful and effective team of true experts at our digital marketing agency in Cocoa, FL. The primary goal was to create a vehicle for using their extensive online marketing experience to focus on helping local business owners. 

Our digital marketing agency in Cocoa, FL focuses on several key areas:

Modern Web Design: many businesses still have websites that are hopelessly out-of-date or, at best, marginally effective. Florida Digital Media focuses on building websites for businesses that give a “wow” experience, but also generate leads for the business. Additionally, the skill set of optimizing a website for Google searches, known as “on-site” work, is also part of our build process from the inside out in all website creative work as well.

Adwords Management: Our Cocoa, FL google advertising and management company regularly uses Google Adwords, on both a stand-alone basis, but more typically, as part of an integrated marketing system. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): a modern website won’t do your business any good if it can’t be found. Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business that wants to be found online. As Certified Google City Ambassadors, we are committed to only doing “white hat” SEO that actually works. One of our strongest products is a deep and comprehensive understanding of LOCAL search engine optimization, and the company has built a well-deserved reputation as “Ninjas” in this regard.

Local Business SEO: the techniques required to drive web traffic to a local business are different than the techniques used by companies that specialize in SEO for national or international companies. Florida Digital Media in Cocoa, FL specializes in both Google management for Google Business Profile Optimization and SEO for local businesses.

Getting The Word Out with Public Speaking

In order to get the word out about their high-tech services, the company often uses a decidedly “old school” approach: public speaking.

In order to meet business owners where they are, we knew we had to meet them in an atmosphere where they were most comfortable. As a result, we offer free informative sessions within local communities at various locations including the Chamber of Commerce.  Businesses are distrusting of phone sales solicitations and cold-call salespeople, but they  want to learn and will pay attention to their Chambers of Commerce” says Fox.

Florida Digital Media presentations are 1-hour to 3-hour presentations on topics such as Claiming and Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing, Search Engine Optimization, How to Build a Google-Friendly Website, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and more. The presentations are purely educational.

There’s no selling at the events of any kind” says Fox. “The no-selling approach may seem a little counter-intuitive for a for-profit business like ours. But we find that the consultative, relationship-building approach is most effective for our company. Most of the business owners we talk to really appreciate the quality time we spend with them, explaining how all this online marketing stuff works. These are complicated topics, but they are critically important for local businesses to understand and implement what they learn in today’s online marketplace. You simply cannot afford to be behind the times in today’s high-tech world.“Business Profile