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Kayak Everglades - Brevard Zoo

The Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo is home to a variety of animals from all over the world. It is located in Murrell Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940. Some are just passing through and some have been at the zoo for years. The animals in the zoo often have to deal with their feline brethren, which means there’s always a lot of cats running around. 


Animals at the Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo

One of the most popular animals at the zoo is the African painted dog. These adorable dogs were once exotic pets that have now become an integral part of the zoo’s breeding program. African painted dogs are the perfect mix of a house cat and a wolf, which makes them one of the most fascinating animals you’ll ever meet. Painted dogs are not aloof like wolves and can actually be quite affectionate. Painted dogs are excellent around children and are especially good with older children who can help them avoid canine puppy syndrome. These dogs are so sweet, they could make even the sternest of humans smile. African painted dogs are an excellent choice if you’re interested in adding a new pet to your family. There is also an opportunity to volunteer at the zoo to get to know these delightful creatures better.


Hilarious Photos Taken Behind the Scenes at the Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo

Behind the scenes at the Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo is always a good source for amusing photos, and the zookeepers there have some great ones. You’ll see zookeepers in action, feeding and caring for the animals and working hard at making sure a zoo is a great place for all of them. You’ll also see the animals in their habitats and get a glimpse at their daily routines.


A behind-the-scenes look at what animals in zoological gardens do all day long

Zoological gardens are incredibly important places to preserve species, provide educational opportunities, and provide recreational opportunities. While the animals that you see in zoos live in a controlled environment, many of them are still wild animals that were born and raised in the wild. So while they may not be able to roam free, they have plenty of space to roam around in and are still able to experience a lot of the things that wild animals do. The animals in these zoos are often rescued animals that would likely not be able to survive in the wild if they weren’t kept in a controlled environment. Wild animals are also often captured and brought to the zoo from other places, like other zoos, research centers, and other kinds of wildlife preservation centers.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo

The Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo is a great place to bring children, especially if they are young enough to enjoy interacting with the animatronic animals. The zoo also has a behind-the-scenes tour that is available to guests and available on their website. You can take a virtual tour that will give you a peek at what life is like for the animals in the zoo and also give you a glimpse at some of the things that keep the zoo running. The virtual tour will allow you to look around the zoo, see where the animals are kept, and learn a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo. This is a great way to learn about the animals in the zoo and see what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo, which is a great way to spend a little extra time with your family while visiting the zoo.



While you may never get to be a zookeeper, seeing animals up close and having fun interacting with them will help remind you why you love animals so much in the first place. The Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo is a great place for families to visit, and there are plenty of animals to enjoy. The behind-the-scenes tours are also a great resource for learning more about the animals and what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo. If you get a chance to visit the Kayak Everglades Brevard Zoo, make sure you stop by the gift shop and grab a souvenir for your family to remind them of your trip.

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