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Painting with a Twist

If you’re like me, you love to live a creative life. I’m a firm believer that the more you can expose your inner creativity, the better. Even if it means taking small risks and exploring new hobbies outside of your comfort zone. Painting with a Twist is a chain of art studios located at 109 King St, Cocoa, FL 32922 that offers classes for adults and kids alike! The owners believe there is no such thing as “average” or “low” creativity – anyone can paint, sketch, or doodle with any subject they choose! You don’t have to be good at art to join in on the fun…if anything, their classes will improve your skills and inspire you to take your painting skills to the next level! They have locations all over the country so if you live near one of them or plan on traveling soon, check out their website for location details.


A Great Class for Kids Too!

Kids can have a blast in many of the classes at Painting with a Twist. There are different levels for kids and classes for children as young as five years old. The flexibility and variety of activities for kids makes it easy for them to find something that they’re interested in. If your child loves to draw or paints, but hasn’t shown an interest in the visual arts, they might love the Art Studio classes! There are also classes and workshops for teens and even special events like team building activities and birthday parties.


Classes Available for Adults Too!

Adult classes are also an integral part of the Painting with a Twist experience. The programs are designed to help adults expand and improve their art skills. Classes may be geared toward bettering your technique, developing a new style, or improving on a particular subject. They may be all-ages or open to anyone of any age. There are also some classes that are designed for a more therapeutic or therapeutic-based experience for adults.


Affordable and Convenient Location

The studios are located at convenient locations around the state of Florida. Each location has its own set of classes and instructors, so you’re sure to find something that fits your schedule and interests. The studios offer private and group classes, which means you can attend any class that fits your schedule. They also have flex and drop-in times, so you can take a break from classes for a few days or weeks and still be able to go back to where you left off.


Groupon Offers a Discount on Painting with a Twist Classes!

If you like the sound of Painting with a Twist but aren’t sure they’re worth the cost, you might want to check out the Groupon deal! You can get a three-class pass for $25, which is $50 off the regular price. Even if you don’t find the classes to be as inspiring as you’d hoped, it’s still a great deal! You’ll also get to try out the studio and meet the instructors and students. The classes are usually limited to 12 people, so you’ll get to know your fellow attendees and have a great time. If you decide to go with the Groupon deal, you can use the coupon code “BOOKS” when you sign up. That will drop the price to $25.


Final Words: Is Painting with a Twist Worth It?

Painting with a Twist is a great option for adults who aren’t naturally very artistic, but still want to try some creative activities. The classes are often small and have a nice blend of people from all different backgrounds, so you don’t feel dumb because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s also a great option for friends who want to do something together that isn’t necessarily traditional “fun” activities like going out to dinner or watching a movie. Painting with a Twist is a unique experience that can be a lot of fun, even if you don’t love to paint! The classes are also a great way to meet new people and make new friends while improving your social skills at the same time.



Do you paint with a twist? If not, now is the time! While everyone is busy wrapping up their holiday festivities, it’s a great time to try something new that will help you explore your creative side. Painting with a Twist is a fun and affordable way to get your creative juices flowing again. The variety of classes available will help you take your painting to the next level.

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